Movie Class by PizzaFLIX: Produced and directed by Howard Hughes, THE OUTLAW was completed in 1941 but banned due to its fixation on Jane Russell’s breasts. With a reluctant edit of about 30 seconds, the film managed to get into theaters for a week in 1943 but was pulled for violations of the Hollywood Production Code. After America’s entrance into World War II, Hughes focused his attention on airplane manufacturing and all but abandoned films. Eventually, United Artists premiered the film on April 23, 1946, in San Francisco and it became a box-office smash!

Stars: Jane Russell, Jack Buetel, and Thomas Mitchell
Producer/Director: Howard Hughes

Jane Russell’s notorious big-screen debut! The voluptuous star plays the love interest to Billy the Kid in director Howard Hughes scandalous and originally banned version of the legendary outlaw’s tale.

TRIVIA: Hughes felt that the camera did not do justice to Jane Russell’s bust, so he had a new cantilevered underwire bra designed to allow for a larger amount of her bosom to be exposed. Contrary to the myth and according to her 1988 autobiography, Russell said the ridiculous contraption was so uncomfortable, she never wore it during the filming of The Outlaw.