Man-Eater of Kumaon is a 1948 American adventure film directed by Byron Haskin and starring Sabu, Wendell Corey and Joanne Page. The film was made after the success of the Jim Corbett book Man-Eaters of Kumaon, published by Oxford University Press in 1944.

The film was not based on any of the stories of the Corbett’s bestselling book, but used a fictional plot. The credits also state that „the character of The Hunter is a fictional one, and is not meant in any way to portray the author on whose book this motion picture is based.” The film was a box office flop, although some interesting footage of the tiger was filmed. Corbett is known to have said that „the best actor was the tiger”.

Dr. John Collins is visiting India. While he hunts a much feared man-eating tiger, he learns from native customs and understands the approach to life of native couple Narain and Lali.