Alaska Seas is a 1954 American crime film noir directed by Jerry Hopper and starring Robert Ryan and Brian Keith. The supporting cast features Jan Sterling, Gene Barry and Aaron Spelling. The picture is a loose remake of the 1938 film Spawn of the North, which had starred George Raft, Henry Fonda and John Barrymore.

Matt Kelly is released from jail and skips town in his boat without paying outstanding storage fees. Back in his home town he is hired by his old friend Jim Kimmerly, the head of the local salmon fishermen who have formed a canning co-operative. The fishermen are battling against an organised gang who are robbing the fishing traps. Matt however, short on cash, joins the raiders, whilst Jim, unaware of his duplicity, keeps covering for him amongst the other fishermen. Furthermore, Kelly has his eyes upon Jim’s fiancée, Nicki. Kelly’s recklessness eventually causes the loss of Kimmerly’s fishing boat in a glacier avalanche. He tries to make amends for his misdemeanours in an act of self-sacrifice.