Stuffed – An inside look into the world of taxidermy and the passionate artists from all over the world who work on the animals.

Stuffed (2019)
Director: Erin Derham
Stars: Allis Markham, John McCormack, Jaap Sinke
Genre: Documentary
Country: Canada, United States
Language: English
Release Date: March 11, 2019 (South by Southwest Film Festival)
Filming Location: Prey Taxidermy, Los Angeles, California, USA

Stuffed is a documentary feature film about the surprising world of taxidermy. Told through the eyes and hands of acclaimed artists across the world, the film explores this diverse subculture, where sculptors must also be scientists, seeing life where others only see death. From an all-female studio in Los Angeles that has elevated taxidermy to the forefront of fashion and modern art, to fine artists in the Netherlands, these passionate experts push creative boundaries. The film highlights a diversity of perspectives including an anatomical sculptor in South Africa and a big game taxidermist in Ohio. And, in an unexpected twist, Stuffed reveals the importance of preserving nature, using taxidermy as its unlikely vehicle, and the taxidermist as its wild driver.

„Do you like your job?? These people LOVE their jobs – and it comes through in this film. Its wonderfully eclectic and a great tribute to the people who do this work. Watch it to get a slice of this unique profession and the dedicated people who do it.

My experience with taxidermy (and dioramas) has been from my visits to the American Museum of Natural History in New York City. These dioramas are so artistic and representative – its like traveling the natural world in a day!”
– written by „MikeyB1793” on

„There’s nothing more inspiring than listening to an expert talk about their craft. Especially in today’s climate where it’s hard to cross paths with anyone truly passionate about something. With so many expectations from others about what we ought to be doing with our lives, who could blame the rest? It’s so easy to fall into the trap of doing what we think is right based on their opinions rather than taking a risk and finding what we truly love.

Nobody wants to admit they are in denial, but how often do we take a reality check? Am I studying ‘said-thing’ merely because I’m good at it? Because my college told me to? Am I pursuing a specific career only because it will make me money?

Asking questions like these is scary because they might lead us to an uncomfortable realisation – have I wasted my time and energy on something that brings me no satisfaction?

Stuffed asks us to continually dig deeper. To not be afraid to strip back the layers and see what’s inside. It’s true that a Taxidermist is a rare breed. Their lifestyle is not for everyone – that of an obsessive perfectionist with an eye for the bizarre. However, they are also an artist, conservationist and collaborator. Many have become pioneers in their field, not because they have followed the advice of everyone, but because they’ve listened to the right people (and themselves).

Each has said “stuff it with convention” and dared to do their own thing. And because of that, they deserve our attention and praise.”
– written by „Bowl” on


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