When the Bands Stopped Playing – in early 2020, the music industry was preparing for a blockbuster year. Then, Covid-19 hit. This billion-dollar live music industry shut down overnight. Artist, venue owners, promoters, road crews, and more, were left fighting for a way of life. When The Bands Stopped Playing is a time capsule, giving you a glimpse into a shattered industry, as seen through the eyes of its hardest workers.

When the Bands Stopped Playing (2021)
Director: Heather Dauterive, Cate Meighan
Writers: Heather Dauterive, Cate Meighan
Stars: Hayley Johnsen, Ron Keel, Jeffrey Martinez
Genre: Documentary
Country: United States
Language: English
Also Known As: When the Bands Stopped Playing
Release Date: 1. July 2021 (United States)

When the Bands Stopped Playing is a bit of a time capsule that gives viewers a detailed glimpse inside of this shattered and shuttered industry through the eyes of its’ hardest workers. Famous artists, indie artists on the rise, plus rock and dance acts working the club circuit have all lent their voices to this special project. We also believed it was crucial to hear from the perspective of the president of one of the most successful venues in the U.S.as his story speaks for every other venue that was shuttered for the better part of a year. Every voice was crucial to the telling of this story and in our eyes, they also share an equal amount of importance. They speak openly about the financial hardship, deep depression of losing something that they love so much (even temporarily), and the things that they are doing to help keep their own positivity and hope alive.

Also Known As (AKA):
(Originaltitel) When the Bands Stopped Playing
United States When the Bands Stopped Playing


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