Stars: Bob Denver, Forrest Tucker, Jeannie Riley
Creators: Elroy Schwartz, Sherwood Schwartz

Four episodes of „Dusty’s Trail” TV series edited together into a movie: „Tomahawk Territory”, „Horse of Another Color”, „There is Nothing Like a Dame”, and „The Not So Magnificent Seven”.

GILLIGAN’S ISLAND in the Old West! Just as the castaways spent every episode trying to get off the island, in DUSTY’S TRAIL they struggle to find their way out of the wilderness after becoming separated from their wagon train while heading west on the Oregon Trail.

Dusty’s Trail is not a direct spin-off of Gilligan’s Island, but every character has a direct counterpart: the title character in both is played by Bob Denver. The Skipper is replaced by the wagon master, FORREST TUCKER. There’s also a wealthy banker and his wife, a sweet farm girl, an intellectual, and a sexy salon girl (Lulu) played by JEANNIE RILEY best known as Billie Jo Bradley on the first two seasons of PETTICOAT JUNCTION.