Mau – The unlikely story of design visionary Bruce Mau and his ever-optimistic push for massive change.

Mau (2021)
Director: Benjamin Bergmann, Jono Bergmann
Stars: Paola Antonelli, Bjarke Ingels, Rem Koolhaas
Genre: Documentary
Country: Austria, United States
Language: English
Release Date: March 16, 2021 (United States)

Mau is the first-ever, feature-length documentary about the design visionary Bruce Mau. The film explores his unlikely creative journey and ever-optimistic push to tackle the world’s biggest problems with design.

Over the span of his career, this creative dark horse has completed the transformation from world-class graphic designer to designer of the world. From advising global brands like Coca Cola and Disney, to rethinking a 1000-year plan for Mecca, Islam’s holiest site. From working with the greatest living architects (Rem Koolhaas & Frank Gehry) on books and museums to rebranding nations such as Guatemala and Denmark. Bruce Mau is a pioneer of transformation design and the belief that design can be used to create positive change in our world.

Most of us think of design visually – we imagine a product, something expensive, the work of a singular artist.

Bruce Mau doesn’t.

For Mau, everything is design and design is everything. And even more importantly, everyone is a designer.

This radical notion is at the heart of this film: good design = good time = good life.

Mau grew up in the wilderness of Northern Canada without running water. His early life informs much of what he does today. It’s not only about creating beautiful things, it’s about making this planet more beautiful and livable, for everyone. Today the uberoptimist Mau applies his design tools to inspire new thinking when it comes to some of the world’s greatest challenges: climate, overpopulation, disease, etc.

The film tells the story of his humble beginnings in Canada to his sharp rise to fame in the design space. A year with Mau will take us across the globe, from Beijing to New York City, to show that design is an agent of change and has the power to shape our world. We begin where we end – in the forest outside of Sudbury, Canada – and his biggest design project to date… his own life.

„Absolutely captivating, weaving a tapestry of intellect, optimism, and the many meanings of design and at its heart, deep common sense.”
– written by „Anne Brodie” on

„At the outset a biographical documentary, the film Mau also is an inspirational tale of a man with infectious energy and drive. While you learn a lot about Bruce Mau’s rise as a designer, you also learn a lot about life and perseverance.

The film details Mau’s upbringing in Sudbury, Ontario. It takes time to account for Mau’s father’s violent alcoholism as well as his dreary life as a nickel miner. This is done with a purpose: Mau’s worldview is overwhelmingly positive, possibly in spite of his dark, negative upbringing. His attitude is infectious, and you can’t help but be entranced by his uplifting spirit as you learn about his journey.

The film, by first-time directors/brothers Benji and Jono Bergmann, details Mau’s ascent and his overall concept of “geo-design” (design linked to political/social problems) with great flair. Mau’s work with Coca-Cola and his influential tome S, M, L, XL with architect Rem Koolhaas is given special attention. The documentary highlights Mau’s achievements as a designer, but, more importantly, his influential status.”
– written by „Video Librarian” on


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